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Solar Control Film

High quality Solar Control film can:

  • Make your property more comfortable
  • Improve your property's energy efficiency
  • Drop room temperatures and eliminate hot spots
  • Take mechanical strain off your HVAC units

Decorative Film

Let Royal's experts bring your design visions to life on glass!  We install tens of thousands of square feet each year of:

  • Custom film and logos
  • Frosted Privacy Films
  • Gradient, striped, and patterned films
  • Designer lines such as 3M Fasara and SimGlass

Safety and Security Film

Royal stays at the cutting edge of safety and security film technology to protect your property and those inside it from:

  • Smash-and-grab burglary
  • Vandalism
  • Earthquakes
  • Bomb Blasts
  • Accidents

More $avings:

Did you know that many window film projects qualify for energy savings rebate programs through local utility companies? Royal's experts can assist you with the rebate application process.


More $avings:

Professional glass sandblasting, while elegant, is costly and permanent.  Royal has dozens of films to simulate glass textures that can be installed for a much lower price and removed at any time in the future.

More $avings:

Vandals force businesses in the US to spend millions of dollars each year on glass replacement.  Royal can install and replace Anti-Graffiti film at a fraction of the cost of glass replacement.